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Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?


Social networking has become the hottest online trend these days. Every individual in this era knows about social networking sites. The virtual world has its doors open to a large audience and people love this world of ubiquitous connectivity. Social media support has become a necessity in online marketing. Many customer interactions are through social networking sites and people are finding easier and more interesting to stay connected through these platforms. But are social networking sites good for our society? This is a confusing question because it depends on how the society uses it. And yes there is a consensus that social networking has become a kind of addiction in the society.

Let’s look at the advantages of social networking

Increases Interactions

Starting from the obvious one, social networking increases the connections and strengthens interactions between people around the world. You can create hundreds and thousands of authentic friends through these sites. When people are connected globally they are Imageequally concerned about each other and social media is the best place to know your loved ones are safer on the other part of the world. The chat facility and video calling enhances relationship and keeping in touch with your loved ones is an emotional feeling filled with more happiness.Social media soon breaks personal impediments and we are soon into a world of sharing happiness, sadness, and all sorts of emotions. A post in a Facebook status can open up a whole new world of conversational opportunities. Apart from just interactions, we are also updated about the daily news around the world. We are updated about any kind of flash and urgent news on the spot from these network sites.

Helps in Business

Social sites like LinkedIn help a business man to enhance his business quite to a major extent.There was a time when business men had to carefully keep business cards stored to maintain the contact. But today, just a click gives the complete details of your client or customer. LinkedIn is predominantly used for business purposes. This site allows users to request introductions to business people who are known to their contacts. Globally, LinkedIn is considered to be an authentic and valuable business tool. Your LinkedInImage platform helps you to stay connected with people within the organization in a professional way. You can also promote your business through Facebook pages which improves your brand credibility and business.By creating a Facebook page, you are sure to get more number of potential customers and your business promises profits.Customers can buy your product through these online network sites at the same time you can earn reputation and goodwill through your business dealings.

Helps Job Seekers

There are people who create pages in Facebook for new job seekers. Here the job availability and details are given so as to help these job seekers to find their perfect job. Unemployment is still an economic issue and these sites pave way to success to a countless young people who wait for a job with bated breath. Many consultancies and companies have found their suitable candidate from social sites. Students and freshers can really rely on these authentic sites and get placed soon and live a good happy earning. There are also scenarios that you post your urgency of getting employed and people in your friend list could help you get a work through their good contacts around the globe.

So these are some of the advantages of social networking sites. The above points clearly reflect that these sites are good to the society and enhance people and business in some way. Apart from the advantages there are disadvantages too. The disadvantage is that when Imagepeople sit in front of these sites for hours, their productivity time is actually wasted. Chatting for hours makes your eyes susceptible to vision problems. Also youngsters and teenagers are more prone to become a Facebook or Twitter fiend. This will directly impact their studies and career. One more point to be added is cyber bullying. Lots of teens are victims of cyber bullying just because of their overuse of these sites.

Concluding, we can say that social networking has both merits and demerits. But the proper use and intention is always helpful in remaining an objective user. If you use social networking sites for a good intention, then your result are more likely to be positive.


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