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Can the Web Host You Choose Affect Your Search Engine Rankings?


SEO ranking is very important for a website which is promoting products or services.  Most SEO professionals tend to focus mainly on link building, on page optimization and many other techniques to boost the search engine rankings. But the quality of the hosting provider is a widely overlooked factor. The hosting service does not have a direct impact on the search engine ranking. But there are many factors which can indirectly affect the rankings. If you carefully select a suitable hosting service, you can give that extra  edge that is required for your website to go one step further.

Minimum Downtimeimages
The search engine rankings are done by analyzing each and every website. So when search engines analyze your website if it is not online your site will not be included in the rankings and will give you lower rankings.  This is a very important factor. No matter what you do for page optimization or link building all those effort will be no use if the search engine cannot screen your website.

Right IP Address
When a user accesses a search engine, the user is automatically directed to the local site of that particular search engine.  The rankings of the websites are based on the geographic location of the particular website. You can get the best results by choosing a hosting provider from the country where the targeted customer base is located.

Latest updates
You must choose a web host which installs all required software and also keep them updated regularly. It will help your website to be up to the latest standards. This is a definite help for the website to function in order.  Also it will keep the website safe from any virus attacks. One way to check the efficiency of the updates of the host is to track the frequency of updates done by the hosting provider to have an idea of the quality of the service provided.

Fast Loading Speed
We generally think that a website has to load fast to keep the visitor attracted to our website. Which is always true but there is another advantage of a fast loading website. Not  many know that the loading speed also a vital factor when a search engine evaluates the rankings of a website.  The loading speed of your website is decided by various factors such as where the server is located,  the processing power of the server’s CPU and the amount of RAM. And even if your host furnish all these requirements you can further improve by reducing the content on the website.  Especially if your website contains lots of heavy images, flash files etc. you can re-organize and minimize the use of such heavy multimedia files.

Fewer websites on the server
How many websites are housed on your server is another important factor you have to consider. If the server is overloaded with websites, they will have to share the resources of the hosting server which might compromise the functionality of the website.

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