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Become an Online Money Making Mogul


Have you ever fallen for one of the old ‘get rich quick’ schemes on the internet like those that claimed that you had nothing more to do than order their super-secret package of information to get started, and from there your bank just overflowed with piles of cash?

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If you have ever fallen for that scheme don’t feel bad, a lot of other hardworking folks have too. However, there are definitely ways for just about any individual on earth to market their talents, hobbies or skills, join or create a niche, and become a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood of those who have made a living, made a fortune and made their dreams of working from home come true.


Are you good at graphic design? Head to some micro-gig sites like Fiverr or UpHype and check out the gigs others have posted there. If you have the skill and the time to whip up logos here and there for the many business that seek them from micro-giggers, you have a marketable skill. By far limited to logos, micro-gig sites usually share some common types of gigs that they accept.


Crank out those logs at five dollars or ten dollars each. A good graphics designer likely needs no more than an idea and about fifteen minutes to complete one. This could mean twenty dollars an hour to begin.


Massive amounts of marketing businesses, SEO companies, and even bloggers will often seek out those who have skills for creating impressive short videos for their own products or services. If you have a mic, a video recorder and some skills with video editing. If you have ever been told you have a nice voice, this is something you should seriously consider.

World wide web

World wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Social Marketing

Are you good at finding Twitter followers to fit a niche? Offer your services on a micro-gig site to find niche followers for other companies. There is a large market for this and adding followers, albeit monotonous, is easy peasy work.


There are many aspects to advertising that you can offer on micro-gig sites. How many forum post are you willing to make to help promote someone’s product for five or ten dollars? Create your own gig for any particular advertising skill you have and see how quickly you can get attention for it.

Music or Audio

Have musical talent but afraid your day job may just keep you from being the rock-star you dreamed of being? No one says you have to put down the guitar and forget you have skills. Offer to create jingles, voice and music-overs on micro-gig sites and you may find yourself piled in orders. Good musical skills are not easy to find on micro sites.

These are just a few examples of easily marketable talents, or even just making money by being willing to do time consuming tasks that other business owners may not have time to do.

Why Stop Now?

If you think that you have to be extremely net-savvy to make money on the net you are seriously ignoring an entire market that everyone from the youngest artist to the eldest and wisest gardeners has been taking advantage of for years.

E-stores are not just for Ebay anymore. No good seller should ever limit themselves so. With wizards that will walk you through every aspect of the creation of your own personal online storefront, you need little net knowledge to create the store of your dreams.

So you don’t own a video game store? You also do not have an insider price tag for buying and selling wholesale designer clothes? No worries, in some cases, there are folks making money off of things that are nothing more than the knowledge they have in their busy heads.

Gardening and Landscaping

Do your neighbors exclaim in delight every year because your tomatoes are the biggest, best, most pest free creations ever seen? Grab some photos from planting time to harvest, and remember to harvest those valuable seeds. Come next spring, with a few photos tossed up on your E-store wall and a price tag, you can, and you will sell these seeds. There is an immense market for gardening and landscaping exchanges that include everything from vegetables, to native moss.


I’ll bet after this you will wish you had taken your Grandmothers kindly offer to teach you crocheting seriously. There is a very busy market for handcrafted items of all kinds, but crocheting, needlepoint and embroidery are skills that if you have, you can go ahead and plan for the near future exactly how you plan to tell your boss you are retiring.

A queen-sized crocheted blanket can sell for around $300 USD on average not including shipping cost. Personalized and embroidered clothing can also sell for hundreds of dollars. Although these activities are a bit more time consuming, with practice comes speed, and with speed comes, well, speedier money.

Vintage Anything

flea market

flea market (Photo credit: anka @ happyhangaround)

Have a knack for spotting the coolest vintage items? Clothing, furniture, pretty much anything that screams retro will find a buyer not far behind. Not only are vintage items used for costume parties, holidays and such, but on the west coast they are purchased en masse for movie sets as well. So if your super secret talent is being able to walk out of a flea-market or away from a yard sale with the one piece that is worth the most, you have an open market waiting, desperate to see what you have to offer online.

Where in the World?

Yes, on the world wide web there are at least two great places to get started creating your own free E-stores in places where those marketing their hobbies and skills huddle. If you are just beginning, head to Etsy and Artfire and get started on your E-store now.

These sites are far from ‘get rich quick’ ideas. As a good rule of thumb try to remember, if you want to make serious money marketing your skills, you have to commit to doing the work, and sometimes a lot of it.

One last note of utter importance, although micro-gig sites as well as crafts and skills sites are incredibly good opportunities and the chance to ‘get your name out there,’ from the start you should do everything to can to filter any customers back to a central website, from these outside sources, hopefully your own domain, to begin to create your own regular clientele and repeat customers.

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