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Content Management + Social Media Management-in-One Smooth Service Plan


Whether you have no knowledge of how to manage an effective Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing Campaign, or simply do not have the time, you can always rely on our services to be reliable, effective, and 24/7.

Whаt іs Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, or SMM,  involves a series of detailed processes focused on gaining traffic and attention for your business, as well as providing some level of customer services supports, via social media networks. Since  Social Media has become quite a catch-all term for many different elements of online marketing, it is important to understand how it is managed, and the benefits in all of those vital details of Social Media Marketing.

The Goals

Although different sites and businesses may have their own personal set of goals when it comes to a social media campaign, the overall goal is still quite the same. One of the main selling points for launching your own SMM campaign is that social media often feeds into the discoveries of yet more content, more traffic, and other marketing opportunities. Social Media will also help to create links that will in turn, become a supporting foundation under many SEO efforts. Some of the goals you may have in mind when you seek out the services of a Social Media Specialist are:

  • Increase Twitter Followers
  • Increase Facebook Fans
  • Manage Coupon, Daily Deals, and other Sales
  • Create Regular Posts on Social Sites
  • Social Media Fans and Follower Engagement
  • Manage Real-Time Customer Service Needs
  • Grow Your Brand

Cost vs Profit

As far as the price of social media management goes, there is no other form of marketing that can help to leverage your brand at such an affordable price and at an increased rate over SEO efforts. However, SMM should never be the only form of marketing you are exercising. The combination of the two, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, are the perfect duo and will help carry your products, services, ideas, or opportunities into a fully thriving business.

Before you go with any other service, email us for a free estimate and a short-term SMM plan for your business.

**If you are looking for social media management or assistance for a charitable organization please feel free to email me with the information about your charity, your social media management or content needs, and any deadlines you may have. I will reply back swiftly to let you know if I can help you, or to refer you to someone who can!



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