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Unique Opportunities for the Creatively Innovative


One thing I have noticed in the age of social media is its ability to help promote just about anyone, anything, and any given time. To buyers like me, this means that I no longer head to bigname.com to purchase things online. Instead, I go to the smaller sites, the boutique shops, and the little guys who have made some kind of effort to:

  • Market their Wares via Social Media
  • Engage their Customers
  • Customize Anything

It isn’t much different than shopping locally. We have a Mom & Pop store a hundred yards from our home. No small prize out in the most rural area around. We also have a big name company another mile away. We are incredibly lucky to have either living this far out. When we can, we always shop Mom & Pop. Sure, Mom & Pop may cost a few cents extra, but we want that money to go to ‘our community.’ We also like the feel of our hard-earned money going to a person, as opposed to a corporation.

One Community

I’ve spent quite some time shopping online for everything from household goods to business related items. I also have a great sense of community with those who ‘freelance’ whether it is in text, products, or services, as I personally understand the difficulties of this type of business or career. And again, I do like the feel of a person getting my loot, my purchases buy people’s gas, their children’s school books, their materials to keep going. They may not live next door to me, but they are my community, they are our communities.

I still laugh a bit when I hear random people or read posts where people proclaim, “There is no legit way to make money online.” I laugh, but I also feel sad for so many talented people out there, some educated, some not, who are jobless, when they have the innovative power to succeed online, and just lack the knowledge on how to begin, or cultivate what they have that is a marketable skill or product.

Your Mornin’ Cuppa Joe

I bet the last time you sat down and eyed the froth in your coffee you did not think, “I bet I can write some stuff in there, slap a logo in it, and sell it.” I am almost sure you didn’t think that either the last time your children were having their Alphabet soup for lunch.

Ang, from England did think about this one morning with her coffee. Even better, she thought about how it could be done. After sharing her idea with an online contact, it was suggested that she join the micro-gig site, Fiverr. She joined the Fiverr community in November of 2010. Currently, her idea has netted her just over 1,000 sales. At Fiverr rates, this means her idea over a cup of morning coffee has increased her bank account by over $4,000. I’d tell you how to do this, but I think Ang said it best when she told me:

“It was a slow start, since you need to build up trust and hope someone will take a chance and order from you, but once the orders trickled in, it soon became regular and once I had a gig featured, it became even better.

I’m now classed as a top rated seller (which means you can trust me to deliver what I promise) and so far, in those 1000 sales I have never had any negative feedback (a fact I’m particularly proud of, and intend to maintain).

I now work part-time and fiverr enables me to be creative and learn skills I didn’t know I had. I love the people I deal with daily and getting good feedback and having nice things said about me makes me very happy! ”

Check out Ang’s work at her coffee logo gig and her Facebook Fan page. She has utilized social media in a highly effective way, and not just that, but she even gave back to her community by using other Fiverr gigs to promote her own.

The next time you hear someone say that legitimate work from home is a myth, remind them of Ang’s story, and challenge them to carve out their own niche as she did, with a unique idea patience, and social engagement.




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  1. Thanks Joy. I love the concept of the coffee froth advertising. I also agree about using mom and pop businesses where ever possible and keeping the money in my community. I am not a fan of the super stores but they are a local business for employment and Local SEO. It is a mixed bag as to their value both plus and minus in a community.
    Thanks for the plug for both online businesses and freelance/entrepreneurial ventures.

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