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Make Facebook Marketing Work for You

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So many organizations are now creating and utilizing Facebook for many of their social networking needs. With all of the recent improvements and upgrades for Facebook Fan Page creators, there certainly seems to be huge merit behind sinking your time, money, or both into a bit of Facebook marketing.

However, it is also important to understand the desirable methods of Facebook marketing as opposed to those strategies that, thankfully, someone else had to fail at for us to learn. The best way to perfect your marketing campaign is to consider the major do’s and don’ts of Facebook Fanpage management.

Facebook Marketing Don’ts

  • Use your Facebook Fan page for interacting, not for broadcasting. Although you may no doubt get your message across by spamming your account, and your friends list, with repetitive broadcasts and announcements about your company, interactivity is the key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign.
  • Invest sufficient time in the interaction you carry out on your page. Initiating a conversation and not participating it in is considered nothing more than slow, useless spam. Consumers interested enough in your brand want and deserve to be replied to on issues that concern them most.
  • Do not violate Facebook Terms of Use. Common violations include running contest that do not meet TOA’s and even unsolicited tagging is an abusive, reportable action.

Facebook Marketing Do’s

  • Complete your profile and add professional photos. Leaving any elements of your Fanpage profile blank will leave possible consumers wondering if you are as lax in product development and customer service.
  • Provide regular updates, ask fans for their opinions on your products or services, and create interactive polls, questions, and posts.
  • Be unique. Get creative and come up with trending ideas for new products and services.
  • Provide an interesting landing page. Make your landing page cause a user to “Like” your page, even if they normally would not.
  • Reward loyal fans and supporters. Providing those most loyal to your Fanpage a regular supply of rich rewards will not only keep steadfast viewers looking on, but may also encourage them to share the benefits they receive with their own friends and followers.

There are many tools available for those who have chosen to use Facebook Fan pages as a business marketing mainstay. No longer is Facebook mainly a college photo-sharing website, but more a bursting business network platform, making self-promotion, multimedia interaction, and advertising easier by providing one centralized location to carry out a variety of marketing campaign techniques.





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