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Make Your Digital Portfolio More Appealing to Employers


Having a professional looking digital portfolio is of the utmost importance when it comes to your freelance career. It can certainly mean the difference between high paying jobs, and those that may barely help you to scrape by. Making sure your professional digital portfolio is as high-quality as possible will provide your prospective clients with a better idea of what they can expect from you as an outsourced worker.

Choose a Good Host

A few different sites have great setups for hosting your digital portfolio. However, you will now need to determine what type of portfolio you would like to have before you can choose the proper host.

Weebly & Carbonmade both allow users to create a portfolio that has some decorative qualities. This can give freelancers a place to set up their portfolio with an aesthetically pleasing background. This type of digital portfolio is appropriate for most any job bid or opportunity.

However, in the case of clients who may be a bit more industrial, or those who request hardcopies of a resume and portfolio, you may also want to create a barebones portfolio that isn’t full of delightful photos and banners. For those situations, use Foliospaces. The portfolio you create on Foliospaces will look much like a hardcopy resume, and if needed, can be printed to make one.


Make sure your portfolio is user-friendly. The best way to accomplish this is to nip clutter in the bud and keep your most imperative information on the landing page. If your portfolio has separate pages, make sure the content that is most important to you is easily found.

Digital Portfolios Per Audience

Perhaps you are a jack-of-all-trades. If so, you should take the time to create portfolios for each trade that may require a resume. This keeps the user-friendliness needed as well as provides you and the prospective employer the opportunity to find and share details about each type of work you do, instead of an overly generalized portfolio that shows plenty of work, but no details about the processes of any of them.

Generalized resumes on subjects that require them can cause employers to pass you over, simply because they have plenty of other resumes that require little fishing for detail.

Be Accessible

Your digital resume and portfolio should always be kept on a site that is one-click accessible to viewers. Do not use sites that will require an employer to input user names or passwords, or those that require a sign up to view.

Update Regularly

Always update your digital profile to reflect your most current work and projects. Just like a hardcopy resume, employers like to know that you are actively working, and not prone to long periods of time off, which can be a red flag for many who are looking for hardworking and dependable freelancers.




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